Q & A

Adapting for the Future of the Legal Field

There will be many changes that will leave parts of the legal field very different over the next ten to twenty years. However, the adaptability of attorneys is near-legendary and will be able to keep the profession strong. The real question is more personal– where will you be in the changing wave?

Cost of Injury and Lost Income the Clear Responsibility of Company?

In other words, there are always legal theories and work arounds to get money for victims of fireworks. In some other cases, the manufacturers and marketers of the devices have been held responsible, but it is not easy. In Pierre-Paul’s case, the likely story and legal theory is going to be that the fireworks manufacturer did not properly label the approved uses of the explosive, allowing it to go off improperly and cause injury.

Independence Day the Real Meaning

Clearing up any confusion about this day now called the 4th of July it originated in 1776 when the Continental Congress declared the thirteen colonies the United States of America now free to be renamed from the British colonies because of the armed conflict known as the American War of Independence. It was not known then or now as the day the lawyers fought in court or negotiated a settlement or deal.

ACL Surgery Risk and Relapse

For those with active lifestyles or athletic careers or hobbies, the chances of an ACL blowout following surgery is simply unacceptable. Patients that take such a procedure should be informed about all of the risk that such a treatment will present and make an informed decision about whether or not they truly need to go under the knife.