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. Rear Impact CollisionWhen you are injured on California’s roads, you deserve the foremost legal and medical protection you can get. Finding a skilled doctor may be a matter of rushing to the emergency room after such a car accident. However, making sure that you are covered by a skilled and experienced attorney can be a completely different matter.

Michael Ehline is one of the Golden State’s leading auto injury attorneys and has the experience and skill to assist you as you are putting your life back together. The state has so many great rides and excellent weather to enjoy.

Various parts of California are beautiful parts of Americana, including the 101, the Golden Gate, and Venice Beach. Don’t let an injury driving cause you to lose income, pay huge medical expenses, or be burdened with reduced enjoyment of your life. If God forbid, a family member was killed in a crash, our caring, compassionate attorneys are here to assist in every way possible.

A Fighter for You.

Michael Ehline is a bit of a motor-head. He’s been fascinated by cars and motorcycles all of his life and spends a lot of time cruising the SoCal roads when he’s not in the office or in court. His training and background make fighting back so much easier for victims.

Michael is a former Marine that doesn’t believe in giving up. He serves every county and city in California– and with his team of specialized attorneys have fought and won hundreds of cases for clients. Ehline Law has emerged as one of the firms with the most winning track record in the region, mainly due to fierce loyalty to their customers. Michael and his partners make themselves available 24/7 and will come to visit clients in any part of the state to discuss their case.

Michael Ehline, Esq.

We can help in every step of a case, being prepared to fight both in and out of court. We offer the following advantages and services:

Swift Filing: Between statutes of limitations, need for immediate medical care and holding liable parties responsible, we make sure to file claims immediately– doing so in days, not months.
Fighting for a Maximum Settlement: We work for our clients to ensure they have enough awarded to compensate them for their loss of mobility, medical bills, lost work, or loss of affection. We leave no stone unturned.
Experienced: Our team has years of experience under our belt and hundreds of cases. We’ve settled claims before they’ve gone to trial and have represented before a judge. This often is a key advantage for our clients.
We’ve Been There: Our lead attorney Michael Ehline is a disabled former Marine that understands the agony of injury and the long, expensive path to recovery.

What to Do After a Crash.

When involved in a car accident, prompt medical coverage is key. Making sure that all of the tests and scans needed are conducted can determine what type of shape you’re in. If a family member has been seriously injured or killed, it may be your duty to carry out duties for them. There are general actions accident victims should take after every crash:

Seek Out Evidence.

Preserve as much as you can for your attorney, records, and court. Take pictures of the scene and write down exactly what you remember from the accident. If possible, interview witnesses and get their name and contact information.

Take Close Notes.

Photograph and note all injuries, the ain felt, and other factors sparked by the accident. Having a progressive log of all of the issues caused by the crash will create a solid record that is invaluable later. This can help establish causation, infra. This solidifies your standing in the court and chance at a better settlement.


Causation is defined in the California Civil Jury Instructions as: ìA substantial factor in causing harm is a factor that a reasonable person would consider to have contributed to the harm. It must be more than a remote or trivial factor. It does not have to be the only cause of the harm.î [2. CACI Sec 430]

Attorneys such as Ehline law will be able to determine who is liable for the expenses incurred due to the accident. There can be many factors that help determine causation, including driver error, road or signage defects, distractions, or faulty equipment or repairs.


Our attorneys will cover every base in order to find the maximum compensation for your injuries. There are many factors at play, including insurance coverage and whether the companies will honor their commitments. The at-fault party ould also pay for these medical expenses directly.


When the case is settled, the insurance company will receive a part of the clientís settlement in repayment for medical services the company paid for.

Major Insurance Types

Can include:

  • Medical insurance carried by the injured or their employer.
  • Auto insurance must become exchanged by both drivers.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, or ObamaCare that cover the rider for the cost of the injuries.
  • Worker’s Compensation comes into play when drivers are hurt carrying out a work duty.

Sobering Statistics.

In 2013 alone, there were 32,719 fatalities on America’s roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of these, 10,076 were alcohol related. The risk of getting into a crash on America’s roads is ever present and one that should be minded whenever taking the wheel.

Many drivers will benefit from taking defensive driving and driver’s ed courses. Experience driving many roads over a long period can be the best way to avoid an accident. Still, between weather and other drivers, accidents still occur.

Time to Settle the Case.

Many cases often take months and can be determined by many factors. There could be issues with an insurance company not willing to honor its own policy or a stubborn other driver that caused the crash. In short, it could take largely varying periods of time.

Going to court could take far longer and be far more expensive than taking a settlement, depending on circumstances. The prepared advocates at Ehline Law stand ready in either scenario. We will file quickly in order to ensure a shorter process, using our years of experience in similar cases. There are cases where the plaintiff and defendant will agree to terms and settle out of court.

Car Safety and Injuries.

Most cars today are much safer than their older predecessors. However, they are still machines that can become horribly wrecked in a bad crash. Safety instruments in the car can help mitigate injuries, including seat belts, airbags, crash frame, and others.

A car can reduce your chance of a severe crash but also lull drivers into a sense of false security. There is no ‘good’ crash and even if feeling fine after an accident, the after effects could cause severe medical issues.

Being vigilant on the road certainly helps, especially when dealing with other drivers and conditions out there. There could be a construction zone ahead that makes driving difficult or another accident that could lead to a pile-up. Regardless, you will reduce the chance of an accident by following the laws of the road and making sure that you are responsible behind the wheel.

Controlling for Factors.

There are factors out of your control after a crash. Ehline Law’s team of crack attorneys could potentially reconstruct car accident scenes. Lawyers use their experience, police reports, interviews, and if needed, other professionals.

If a driver flees the scene we will work with law enforcement to track them down. We will collect and utilize all relevant evidence and help to find them.

We can also help compensate for the value of the car. Your car is your lifeblood, allowing you to go back and forth from work or to bring the kids to school. It’s a capital expense and a major one out of your pocket. We go the extra mile to reduce the cost of repairs. Also, we work to get you money for loss of value to the vehicle. The cost of a new vehicle is also something we try and get you as soon as possible.

Determining Responsibility.

Our experience means that we can help determine who is at fault for such an accident. If a driver is on the streets for their employer, the employer could be liable. Potentially two causes of action arise. One for negligent entrustment and another for negligent hiring.

So if an employer allows an employee with a bad driving record to drive their own car, that employer could be liable. A claim would lie for negligent hiring. And that assumes someone got injured on the road. But if a company vehicle was used, the employer could get sued for negligent entrustment.

Both are negligent. This is because the employer’s exercise of reasonable care could have obviated injuries. And both resulted in a personal injury accident. The city or county of the accident is where to file the lawsuit. Or it can become lodged where the business owner runs their operations.

Most of all, this enables injury victims to seek out other responsible parties. So under California tort law, both driver and the employer can share fault. We can also fight large insurance companies defending deep pocket defendants. These folks have hopes you will settle for little or nothing.

More Information.

If injured, contact the Ehline Law Firm for more information. We can assist in a free, no-pressure consultation. Also, we strive to assure the best help for clients. We will come to where you are and answer the phone 24/7. Please give us a call or send us an email.

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