Serious and Willful Workplace Accidents

Having the right coverage is an asset in any workplace.

Having the right coverage is an asset in any workplace.

Severe injuries can happen at any workplace across the country. Fortunately, many employers have taken the proper steps to make sure that their workplace environment is safe and secure. However, there are cases where an employer knows of a safety hazard and chooses to ignore it. In cases where the proprietor knows of such risk and an injury occurs, this is considered serious and willful negligence.


If the Employer Knew It Was Risky To You Then You May Get More Money

Finding when the employer knew what they knew is vital. The amount of information that they chose to intentionally ignore is a large part of building any claim against them. Their intentional negligence could be the exact cause of your injuries, and thus their financial responsibility.

When faced with a situation like this, there are several tips that should be remembered:

  • Keep all medical documents relating to the injury and its affects on you and your ability to work and function
  • Note any times that you or a co-worker informed your supervisor of issues regarding safety, including place, date, and time
  • Do not fear termination for making a claim against your employer. This would be illegal and could also be the subject of a liability claim


Hiring a Serious and Willful Work Comp Attorney

If you or a co-worker have faced a similar instance at your place of work, you are not alone. Safety regulations have been put in place to avoid employers acting in this manner and to prevent injuries. If you’ve faced such a circumstance, call the experienced attorneys at Ehline Law today for a free consultation. We will assist in any way possible and have settled hundreds of similar claims, including workplace liability and worker’s compensation.

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