New Idea To Make Driving Safer for Millions

Mid section of mechanic holding a diagnostic tool

Mid section of mechanic holding a diagnostic tool

New ideas can be an incredible boon to any industry. While many elements of a car has remained relatively unchanged over decades, important new technologies have allowed for safer vehicles, better gas mileage, and other key factors that drivers take for granted now.

In steps the 3M and Discovery Education Young Scientist Challenge. This contest allows for young people to become involved in attempts to improve the world through new innovations. This attention to science not only improves the ability for thousands of students to work with new science and technology, but spawns new products or ideas that can improve life or existing practices.

Driver’s safety is a vital part of this. Every year, with thousands dying on the highways, making sure that this essential practice is safer can make a significant difference. According to the CDC, 2.5% of all fatal accidents and 2% of all auto accident injuries are caused by sleepy driving. What if there was a way to reduce or even eliminate sleepy driving? Imagine the lives and grief that could be spared year in and year out.

The Young Scientist Challenge is tackling this severe problem in an attempt to put this issue behind us. Participant Katherine Wu had introduced her entry, a chance to wake up sleepy drivers and prevent such an accident from occurring. Take a look at the project in the video below:

All of these ideas will help humanity in one way or another. Hopefully the issue of drowsy or sleeping drivers can be eliminated before it claims another life. When faced with being injured or a family member being killed by a sleepy driver, you have legal rights. Only a skilled personal injury attorney like Michael P. Ehline can help you navigate through the medical and legal minefield that is so difficult to face after a serious accident. Contact him today for a free consultation. While we can reduce auto accidents one by one, hopefully we can deal with the ones that face drivers every day.

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