Knee Surgery Can Cause More Harm Than Good?

Detail of Surgery, Orthopedic Operation, Knee Surgery

Detail of Surgery, Orthopedic Operation, Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is a common and vital surgery for millions of Americans. For those facing aging joints or injury, such a procedure can be a godsend and allow for mobility and flexibility. When facing recovery options, knee surgery is often high on lists as it is a procedure that is well studied and its effects are relatively well known.

Delay in Seeing Problems Post Surgery

Unfortunately for many that go under the knife, many of the effects of the surgery are not seen for years. Some have seen severe knee and joint problems due to the after effects of such a surgery. When faced with such problems, patients often seek to relieve pain in their knees immediately and not realize the additional risks.

The Removal of Parts Promotes Further Injury

Often, knee surgery will see parts of the meniscus or cartilage removed from the knee in order to relieve pain. However, the removal of such elements will often allow bone to crunch up against bone, removing the natural padding in the joint. Furthermore, surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL can also cause severe problems that will develop later in life.

Bone on Bone Rubbing Problems

The effects of bone rubbing on bone day in and day out for months and years can cause severe pain and other issues. Such surgeries do not reduce the chances of osteoarthritis and could actually increase it. This potential for arthritis can cause severe problems, including further pain, mobility issues, and balance problems.

Dealing With Knee Injury Side Effects

If you or a loved one had a knee surgery and was not properly warned about the risk of side effects, including arthritis that was later developed, contact a legal and medical professional immediately. Medical malpractice experts, like those at Ehline Law are able to help the victim of such an event and assist in seeking compensation. Remember: there is no cure for arthritis. Don’t let its affects dog you for the rest of your life. Call us today for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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