Independence Day the Real Meaning

Black Stretch limousine waiting for democrat lawyers to arrive

Black Stretch limousine waiting for democrat lawyers to arrive

So I was reading this article today entitled: “Why You Should Hug A Lawyer on Independence Day” that was obviously written by someone who never served in the military and probably a lawyer. It made my blood boil, so I decided to create a rebuttal for you non limousine liberals and you lawyers who actually believe in the Dream that is America, that shining city on the hill, as opposed to the leftist utopia MANY lawyers are trying to turn this blessed nation into for selfish reasons.


The Real Meaning of the “Unanimous Declaration”

Every year on the 4th of July we celebrate Independence Day and while some people believe it is a day for getting together, good food, drinks and of course fireworks give little thought to the real meaning of the day. Then there are a few others who even feel the day should be used to honor their profession, such as lawyers, professors, law clerks, and other political agitators like Valerie Jarret, for example. They believe the socialist utopia they are trying to create only became possible because of people like hippy terrorist Billy Ayers, who is now actually “teaching” kids as a professor. These historical revisionists are wrong in this thought or to even suggest this bologna.

Those Who Won Our Freedom and Keep Us Free Swore an Oath To Bleed and Die If Need Be, To Eachother

Unless they have worn a military uniform at some point in their life and signed their name on that dotted line then they deserve our thanks and appreciation. This is not a signature that should be given without careful thought, since you could be asked to be in harm’s way at any point during your military service. This is where a strange thought comes into the mind of another type person.

 The Intellectual Never Kept Anyone Free – The Warrior Keeps us Free

The person that has decided since they spent time going to college to become a lawyer today should belong to them. Then we should assume there is risk of great bodily harm, because that is what the military person can assume their job will entail.

 The Magical Thinking of the College/Political Class

This can be classified by most people including 99.9 percent of legal professionals as wishful thinking or magical thinking. Legal professionals should be respected since they are able to protect the average citizen’s legal rights whether it is an accident, criminal offense, family law or real estate law.

“The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”

The above phrase is actually quoted from the “Declaration of Independence.” Our founders were angry that the King was forcing us to pay high taxes to pay for the French-Indian War after they had approximately 100 years of self rule from the English.

The law that Independence Day dealt with was the Law of the Forest, Nature’s God, the Magna Charta, etc. In other words, it had to do with the natural right of man to govern himself and the recognition that all governments are ultimately corruptible and imperfect.

Why Do Leftist Lawyers Think Government and Lawyers Made Us Free?

Of course Colonial lawyers did not go to Central Government controlled school curriculum. If they had, it is doubtful that men like John Adams would have ever joined the patriot cause. One only need look so far as our college system and “Common Core” to see that something is clearly wrong when kids are being graduated who can barely read or write with doctorates and masters degrees. Yet these new graduates are well versed in subjects like “social justice (revenge politics), anti straight white male rhetoric, anti Christian beliefs, and the belief that our founders were simply evil, white males who owned slaves.

Government Influenced and Subsidized Schools Have Brainwashed a Whole Generation of Bright Kids into Hating Our Freedoms

In other words, we have seen our so called teachers brainwash a whole generation of children to hate their country, and to believe they need to get back at people of the same race as our founders by punishing them economically and politically with high taxes and propaganda campaigns designed to shame anyone who doesn’t want a socialist utopia.Just look around a college campus and you will see kids wearing communist slogans and logos on their shirts and teachers who lambaste and use peer pressure/group think to crush students who do not sing the Marxist party line.

 King George Was Not As Insidious as the Left

Had King George been successful in what our college system has achieved for the left, most respected men in the community probably would not have been leaving their homes and farms including the FEW lawyers who joined in to fight for what they felt were injustices to the people as a whole, when it came to private property rights, the same rights the left are trying to diminish and abolish. Why would lawyers want us to have freedom? Modern ones are part of the political class, so what’s in it for them if they are not steeped in patriotism?

The Few Lawyers That Fight for Real Freedom Use Rifles and Muskets

The war that most lawyers never participated in, is known as the Revolutionary War and not “Your Day in Court.” Certainly there were attorneys that fought for freedom in this war, but they did so, on the battlefield with a gun in their hand. Not in front of a judge or jury.

Credit should be given where credit is due and on this day every year credit should be given to the men and women who have fought to preserve our way of life and in some cases given theirs for this belief. While some believe that to be proud of the military is blown out of proportion it is not.

 Brave Men with Guns Made us Free, Not Kings and Politicians

These are brave people who believe in what our country stands for, men like Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, and the freedoms we have as Americans. Even though these men were disqualified from combat roles, they did their part. Other men swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights only to return home to see that communists had taken over the White House, and were trying confiscate privately held firearms, EXACTLY what King George tried to do to us just a few hundred short years ago.

Don’t believe that, well put it into perspective, if it were not for our military troops, civilian regulars and ordinary militia, and Continentals of the past, the fighting that is taken away from our shore would be fought in our streets, neighborhoods and rural areas.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Don’t believe that? Well then take a trip down memory lane to the Revolutionary War that was fought here in this country and then the Civil War. Both were fought for different reasons. The Revolutionary War is the one that can put this into perspective. Armed British usurpers from a powerful central government, came to our country and French troops helped us beat them.

If it were not for the men who believed the people of this country should have freedom important documents like the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation would not have been written. Yes these men were from all walks of life, farmers threw down their shovels, lawyers closed their offices, doctors, blacksmiths and every other profession and picked up a gun.

The Closed Mentality of Many Lawyers Prevents Them From Heeding Reality?

The closed mentality of the person who believes supporting our military, Veteran’s and those who paid the ultimate price is “hero worship,” it can be assumed has never signed their name on the dotted line that gives them the pride of wearing a United States military uniform.

 The Hippy Veneer Mentality of Limousine Liberals

These are the personality types who wear Che Guevara T-Shirts, hate Christians, are typically atheists, and call anyone a racist who offends their “hero” Barack Hussein Obama,” and condemn his political enemies as “racists, bigots and homophobes.” No, these are the very same people who would likely have stood with Jane Fonda when she spit on the graves of American troops, when we were involved in a police action known as the Vietnam War.

Video of Traitor Jane Fonda

Obama's Buddy, JayZ

Silly Billionaire Liberal?

Who cares that Che hated blacks, who cares that Islamists kill and murder homosexuals and non obedient women? Communists/Progressives all have one common belief, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And the U.S. military are the true enemy of liberals.

Make no mistake about it, the military is a very very conservative organization, the Marines being the most conservative. This is why Obama has been tossing generals, forcing high risk lifestyles into the ranks, restricting religious freedoms, etc., of our military personnel, unless they are Muslims of course. This is about a “fundamental transformation” of America from a free country, to a European socialist satellite state and the abolition of Christianity as a further influence on our rich Judeo-Christian history.

Another issue crops up here, these warriors are men and women who now and in the past throughout American history have not asked for our admiration or special holidays to show our appreciation. They are too humble to ask for people to credit them for doing what they believe in to protect our freedom.

 Warriors Gave Lawyers their Freedom, Not the Other Way Around

Clearing up any confusion about this day now called the 4th of July it originated in 1776 when the Continental Congress declared the thirteen colonies the United States of America now free to be renamed from the British colonies because of the armed conflict known as the American War of Independence. It was not known then or now as the day the lawyers fought in court or negotiated a settlement or deal.

This should be proof enough that if we left the country up to lawyers to protect our freedom as some believe, then it would not be long before we witnessed acts of terrorism or other countries military arriving on our shores and it would not be to have their battle in court to take over our country. It is only because of our brave men and women that make up the military people do have the freedom to bring these types of thoughts through a public forum for all to read on the Internet.

The War of 1812 Was Not Fought By Lawyers

The War of 1812 had its ups and downs for America, but in the end even though the British were able to burn Washington DC buildings they did not win in Baltimore where they wanted to and sorely lost in New Orleans. This made the decision clear to develop the U.S. military instead of depending on untrained citizens fighting in the militia to protect this country.

The War Against “National Socialism” and Japanese Imperialism Was Not Won By Lawyers

Another military action that is questioned is World War II and if we were at risk of being invaded. Well the short answer may be no, but the men who died at Pearl Harbor and their families may feel a little differently. Pearl Harbor or anywhere we have a Naval fleet, ship or military base is considered American property.

Yes, when that harbor was attacked and our ships hit it was an outright act of War. The second part of this of course is the Nazis and Germany. There again, Hitler may not have had the necessary means to bring the fight to this country at the time while he was marching through European countries. But as a fair nation could we really sit and allow millions of people be put to death because of their ethnic background? No we could not and there have been millions of Jewish people that were glad we had the military power to stop the Nazi SOCIALIST party.

Did we encamp Japanese people in the U.S. during this time, yes that did happen. Was it unfair yes and while at the time it was believed necessary during the Carter Administration there was an investigation into the Japanese interment and findings were it was racism. Then during the Ronald Reagan Presidency the survivors were apologized to for their incarceration and a payment of $20,000.

Now there are two sides to this, yes today we can clearly see because of their ethnic background Japanese in this country were treated unfairly. At the time it did not appear that way since the largest number of Japanese held were from the Pacific Coast, which had just undergone an attack unlike anything that had happened since the War of 1812 in this country.

 There Were No Windtalker Lawyers?

Another issue that came up later during the war was the fact that Japanese code breakers were able to break our codes and there was speculation they may be getting help from within our country. That was not the case. They were able to break the codes because of the common wording used. We solved that by using Navajo Indian’s that became referred to as code talkers. Their language has words that have more than one meaning for a word and the language is difficult to understand. The Japanese were unable to decipher these codes.

 Warriors Can be Lawyers, But Most Lawyers are NOT Warriors

For anyone to assume this country would be safe without the military, and/or ordinary militia doing their duty is ludicrous. There are countries and groups that would like nothing better than to occupy the U.S. we have an abundance of natural resources we don’t tap into and just because of what we stand for in this country. Terrorists and some countries would like nothing better than to swoop in and take over. Should this happen then we would see our freedoms taken away.

The freedom of speech, the freedom to vote and other freedoms we take for granted. This includes having fair due process, which is only our right because of those men and women who do fight on other soil. The current military action has been referred to as futile, well I suggest anyone believing it do not say that to a man or woman risking their life, dealing with sand, blood and temperatures of 140 degrees on a daily basis.

They and their families deserve more than the word “futile” by someone who feels their profession deserves recognition. They deserve our respect and our admiration to do a job that many do not have the guts to do for much less pay than legal professionals make. No instead people of this type sit behind a keyboard taking digs at the American military person on a day that was specifically named Independence Day because of people that did have the fortitude to fight for what they believed was right even at the cost of their life.

Instead the idea that this day should be used to promote or blow your own horn for a profession that while it does protect citizens rights, thank a military person on the 4th of July. Take a tour of the Arlington Cemetery or the Wall with thousands of young men and women’s names who fought and died for this country.

Don’t claim this should be a day to pay homage to the legal profession. It is a job just like tens of millions of people across the country work at every day.

Lawyers Take Risks for the Reward of Money and Recognition – Warriors Fight for the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” at Great Personal Risk to Life and Limb

It may help people with their legal trouble being represented by a lawyer, but there are two giant problems with the idea the legal professional deserves to be paid special attention to instead of the person risking their life to protect our freedom. The first is there is no risk of wounds, being captured or killed doing your job. Second this is a “Job” and as so you are paid by the person or the system hiring the attorney. Just like every other civilian profession the lawyer deserves to be paid fairly, have recognition for a job well done and a handshake from their client.

The attorney or other legal professional does not deserve to be held up to the same respect on Independence Day or Veteran’s Day as the person who wears, has worn a uniform or given their life to protect our freedom, so the legal professional does have a courtroom and legal process they can protect individual freedoms. Amen!

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