How an Injured Civilian Contractor Can Sue the U.S. Govt.

Private military contractor PMC with assault rifle

Private military contractor PMC with assault rifle

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have highlighted the role of military contractors in modern conflict and beyond. In the US, these wars, and other parts of the world, the United States military depends on military contractors for many purposes. These contractors sometimes handle security, others deliver needed goods, while others are in non-combat roles.

Civilian Contractors Have Tort Rights

However, there have been dangerous cases where civilian military contractors have been denied coverage for injuries sustained while on the job. There are severe issues with taking such employment, especially in a war zone. When faced with severe medical issues of such a job, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, these workers need to be protected.

Problems With the “Defenses Base Act”

During the Second World War and several months before Pearl Harbor, the US government passed the Defense Base Act, allowing compensation for civilian contractors that have been injured– even outside of US borders. This act is meant to protect nearly every contractor overseas, especially those that served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Unfortunately, there have been cases of insurance companies that have infamously denied these contractors compensation for their injuries. These can range from injuries from attacks, work related injuries, and PTSD.

PTSD and War zones

PTSD and related anxiety disorders can be among the most severe. It is a type of injury that cannot be immediately seen or felt. Its effects often carry with veterans and others in a war zone for a lifetime. If you or a loved one has faced trauma and believe that PTSD has followed, seek immediate medical help.

Time to Call in a Real Marine to Be Your Lawyer?

If an insurance company or the US government breaks their covenant and refuses coverage for yourself or a family member, make sure that you have an advocate that can fight for you. Ehline Law was founded by former Marine Michael Ehline, who can understand the strain on veterans and military contractors. Call or email us today for a free consultation.

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