Explosion Caught on Tape Presents Hidden Daily Risks

Explosion of nuclear bomb over city

Explosion of nuclear bomb over city

Check out the video from the police dashcam. Be careful out there, yet another example of the hidden risks we face daily. An Ocean County, New Jersey house exploded resulting in 15 injuries and was caught on a police dashcam. The house that exploded was located on Oak Avenue, the home was completely destroyed and damages was caused to other residents.

The dashcam of the explosion was recorded on a Stafford Township police cruiser and shows the explosion occurred while fire fighters and other workers were next to the home. Police received a call at approximately 8:55 a.m. according to Captain Tom Dellane.

The caller was alerting police to a strange odor in the Cedar Run neighborhood near U.S. Route 9. Firefighters and emergency crews confirmed there was a gas leak and evacuated 75 homes in the vicinity. They contacted the New Jersey Natural Gas Company to report the gas leak. Gas Company employees were working on finding the leak at the time of the explosion that completely destroyed the house.

Seven gas workers and six firefighters were injured in the explosion, according to Stafford Township Volunteer Fire Chief Jack Johnson. One of the gas company workers was critically injured and required CPR at the scene. Another worker was medevacuated to AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center’s Trauma Unit and listed in critical condition.

Chief Johnson said the firefighters hurt suffered minor injuries. Gas and electric was turned off to approximately 300 homes, risking the health, food and livelihood of others in the locale. Just imagine this happening in your own neighborhood. This is why it is so important to have a back up generator, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), batteries, fuel and other basic survival supplies.

Additionally, if there are medical injuries such as burns, shrapnel, etc., you are in a world of hurt. It makes sense to hoard pain killers, bandages and several high quality, military grade first aid fanny packs, so you have mobile first aid as you travel the danger zone.

It may also turn out later that a person is at fault, and you can probably sue, but you need to stay alive in order to do that and these tips should help. Call me if you need to learn more. I was a Marine too, so I am all about bugging out and staying alive.

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