Semi Underride Accidents a Growing, Deadly Concern

Underride tows the hood under the rig trailer

Damage caused by accident

The rear guard of a large truck is intended to protect it from collision with other large vehicles or solid objects. However, its high height and angle make it a potentially deadly hazard for most vehicles. A collision with the underride can cause severe injury to the driver and passenger, including broken bones, severe laceration, and even decapitation. The high risk of such crashes has been reported by ABC News.

Indiannapolis’s ABC affiliate did a chilling report on the risk of such an accident. Take a look at the video below to see the risk of severe injury in such a crash.

A National Call for Action

Many of these concerns prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to conduct a major study in 2013 and the following year recommend side underride guards to reduce the chance of major injury. However, most 18 wheelers on the road do not have this safety upgrade and remain a major risk for motorists.

Meanwhile the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a study of accidents with the rear of a tractor trailer. Collision with the underride was a common theme and found that in the majority of such fatal cases, the underride was involved.

Preventing Future Accidents

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving the underride of a semi, it is vital that you seek immediate medical assistance. It is also important that you seek the aid of an attorney specialized in big rig accidents, especially dealing with accidents involving the rear guard. Ehline Law’s experience in similar cases have made them the outstanding attorneys in the field in Southern California. They understand the risks of such accidents and know how to negotiate with the insurance companies, other driver, or trucking company to ensure that your medical bills and suffering is properly compensated.

One of the key factors for preventing such an accident in the future is to highlight the inherent dangers of such a truck feature. Publicity and spotlight may be able to convince some trucking companies to install further safety mechanisms to prevent such accidents– or at least some effects of the injuries– for future drivers. You could look out for other drivers on the road while seeking justice for your family.

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