Recent Rollover Case Demonstrates the SUV Problem

Michael Ehline, Personal Injury Warrior

Michael Ehline, Personal Injury Warrior

Rollover accidents whether there is a collision or it is a solo vehicle crash in an SUV it can be one of the most dangerous types of vehicles to be in due to the wheelbase and high roof that can cause the vehicle to rollover. In late April in Placentia, California an SUV rollover crash turned deadly after the vehicle struck a curb and then hit a power pole, killing a 7 month-old infant.

The infants two siblings ages 3 and 5 were transported to UC Irvine Medical Center with moderate injuries, but the infant was pronounced dead at the scene after police found the baby in the crushed infant car seat.

The rollover crash happened in the 700 block of West Oglethorpe Avenue in Placentia at approximately 10:00 a.m. with police and emergency medical personnel responding to the scene quickly. This wasn’t a late night accident or reckless driving and still resulted in a tragic rollover crash. We urge drivers of these shorter wheelbase and higher center of gravity vehicles to understand that there is a higher incidence of rollover mishaps in sport utility vehicles.

The SUV in this accident was a 1990’s Chevrolet Suburban and there is documentation showing later model SUV’s have a higher rate of rollover crashes than newer models, because the newer models are built lower to the ground or have a larger wheelbase. The model doesn’t matter, whether it is a Suburban, Ford Explorer, Isuzu Trooper or Range Rover, the center of gravity is much different than a passenger car.

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