Party Bus Drags Pedestrian More than 200 Feet – The Evidence

Ehline-BW-DesktopIn what could be a personal injury lawyer’s dream, and a victim’s nightmare all tied into one, the latest man on foot being dragged by a motor vehicle case sheds light on fact that even areas known for being accident free can erupt into a motorist’s hell.

According to sheriff’s deputies a party bus driver swerved before striking a pedestrian and dragging the man more than 200 feet in Norwalk. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department deputies said the evidence at the scene shows the bus driver must have seen the 26 year old man and swerved, but still struck the man. Then the man was dragged about 200 feet.

Detective Carl Anna said the area where the man was struck is not known for collisions. He also said it is unclear if the 26 year old was in a crosswalk at the time of the hit and run. Deputies were told by a witness that the bus continued and turned westbound on Foster Road with the neon lights flashing and music still playing, after the man had been hit.

The hit and run occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m. when the victim identified as Efren Virgen was walking home on Fairford Avenue south of Ratliffe Street. According to authorities Virgen suffered major injuries and was transported to an area hospital where he is in intensive care. Virgen’s brother Samuel said Efren works for Long Beach City trash collection and is the father of two daughters ages 5 and 7. Fault and liability have yet to be determined. But this is one of those cases where it would be a conflict of interest for one lawyer to represent all the victimized parties, unless there was consent after consultation.


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