The Art of Challenging Bad Faith Insurers

logo.ehline-law-firm-300x249You pay insurance to assist you when you need it. You don’t need a large corporation refuse to pay you in the aftermath of a house fire, a severe injury, or a terrible car accident. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for companies to refuse to pay up by using loopholes and slick practices against their clients. For clients without legal expertise or knowledge of the insurance business, such actions can go unchallenged.

This is where having a legal expert comes in. An attorney that is experienced in every trick that the insurance companies use to disenfranchise their customers can make sure that you receive the justice you deserve. There are thousands of cases a year where insurance companies refuse or reduce coverage for their customers– and many are not challenged. An attorney skilled in bad faith insurance law will be able to find the weaknesses in their arguments to challenge them, in court if necessary.

Many insurers intentionally deny claims to their policy holders. This increases their bottom line but leaves their clients high and dry when they need it. Many complaints come in to government agencies or the Better Business Bureau about such practices, but in case after case the most effective and time sensitive way to challenge such an injustice is with an advocate. An attorney that can take on the insurance company’s lawyers and their claims is the first step towards recovery.

When it becomes clear that the company intentionally pulled legitimate coverage to avoid paying out they can be challenged in and out of court. An attorney with knowledge of each insurance company, their practices, and legal precedent will be able to determine how to correctly stand up for their client. Such a legal expert will know the fields of insurance, including personal injury, automobile, worker’s compensation, homeowner’s, and others.

Finding out which insurance companies are those most likely to act in bad faith and with the worst track records is vital for customers to know for the right decision. Realizing that an insurance policy is not always honored is a key part of realizing which companies will keep their word. By not choosing the companies that have acted in bad faith, these companies will be forced to make necessary changes. Challenging those that do make such errors is vital to keep such companies from continuing such practices and finding new victims.


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