Car Accidents and Residence – Correlation, Causation

logoBy Ehline Law Firm PC – For years Angelinos have recognized the risks of driving on the LA Freeway and Highway systems. But new data suggests that the denser residential areas of the Northeastern states is even more dangerous than LA. To me, it makes sense, seeing as how there are weather risks that are rare to us here in So Cal. Ice, sleet, heavy winds and snow are just a few of the additional risks our friends from the Northern states have to deal with.

Also, many of the elders are deciding to stay put or even move back to the Northeast, rather than move away permanently for retirement. Despite AAA studies showing that younger drivers take and pose more risks to others on the roads, I think it is fair to say we all know, seniors are more forgetful, often daydream at intersections, and generally make bad decisions while driving, as they age. Don’t worry, we will all be there soon.

Also, neighborhoods and city streets, many of them, were designed for the days of the horse and carriage. Supporting this notion that accidents can be worse in other cities than those located in Greater LA, is the new government data. This data shows that it is possible depending on where a motorist resides they may be at a higher risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

According to the data motorists living in the Northeast are at a higher risk of being involved in the crash and other parts of the country. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that a car accident takes place in the United States every ten seconds. In many locations the crashes are broadcast to alert other motorists of traffic congestion.

Roadway congestion according to federal officials state that congested traffic and roadway construction raise the risk for drivers to be involved in a crash. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows that in 2012 200,000 people were hospitalized following a motor vehicle crash and 2.5 million people were treated in hospital emergency rooms nationwide.

From the state of Massachusetts to Washington D.C. are the northeast states that have the highest dangers of automobile crashes in the northeast locale, according to a CDC report. Drivers have their own opinions why these accidents take place, with one saying drivers in the northeast are traveling to fast. Another driver claims that young males speed and go from one lane to another, while a third driver states many people driving can be seen texting, using their cell phone or otherwise distracted.

Maryland State Police Sgt. Marc Black said that even one death on the roadways in his state is too many and the state police have launched programs to address distracted or aggressive driving and driving under the influence. The Maryland State Police team that targets drivers while under the influence is known as SPIDRE and will be in full force during this year’s holiday season.

Sgt. Black said operating a multi-ton vehicle result in a lot of damage and death if not driven safely.  Clearly, these big vehicles need to navigate through these sleepy cities, and sometimes they can cause mass casualties when on hilly terrain and the narrow small town streets that seem to dominate the Northeast. The CDC report lists the states with cities having the fewest traffic accidents as Brownsville Texas, Boise Idaho and Fort Collins Colorado. Ultimately, in my mind, there is a direct correlation between densely packed neighborhoods and risks for motor vehicle collisions. Add in the other factors discussed above, and of course, the causation and varying degrees in number, is proven.

The amazing thing about all of this, is that Los Angeles accidents are not the most in number or risk. This is actually great news for consumers and those at risk for being harmed by an automobile in LA. This may not be such good news for personal injury lawyers who moved from the Northeast to practice consumer law here in the Golden State. Either way, it is interesting to note where we are most at risk for a car accident. The verdict is, the closer to your home, the more at risk you are. The solution is to never let your guard down, especially when you think you are safest. I know it is counter intuitive, but it’s legit.


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