The Devastation of Cell Phones and Cars

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – In today’s world, especially a crowded place like Northern or Southern California, virtually everyone uses cell phones to stay in touch with work, home and friends. And some people have taken it one step further, and given up their home phone altogether. People can be seen using them in the stores and in their cars, there are cell phones that can be used hands free, and ones that are not.

Cell Phones Can Be a Great Aid to Travel

Cell phones can be a great aid in a car when there is a break down or when there is an accident. However it can also be a device that can take drivers’ concentration away from the road. While not paying full attention to the road, anything can happen, from a minor fender bender to a major pile up on the freeway in Santa Ana, Torrance, Long Beach or any other city in Orange County, California, for example. The person talking on a cell phone may not even do anything that would cause an accident, but without full attention on the road they are not driving defensively and this leads to the question cell phones in the auto, a hazard or not?

A motorist that is not on a cell phone and instead having full control and concentration on the road, is a much safer driver than one who has partial attention on the road. This fact certainly has come to the attention of many city, county and state officials who had considered passing and ultimately passed laws about using cell phones while driving.

Hands Free Devices

Before it was illegal in the state, some cities had made it illegal to use a hand held cell phone. But it has never deterred the cell phone companies who have now manufactured other cell devices that no longer need be hand held. Although there are products that are even installed in some new models of vehicles that do not make it completely safe, the driver talking on the phone will not always have their full concentration on the road, and can still be a danger to other drivers. But how far do we go? Do we then make radios illegal, as they cause you to listen to music? Do we outlaw children in the car, as they can cry and distract? The answer is emphatically, “no”. The solution is personal responsibility.

What California Car Accident Lawyers Say

According to Ehline Law Firm PC, car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, the accident rate is higher for drivers who were on a cell phone or wireless device at the time of an accident, than those who were not and when motorists is involved in an accident with another driver who was using a cell phone at the time they need to contact a professional who is experienced in this type of case and understands cell phones in the auto, a hazard or not can be a deciding factor in an accident case.

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