Your Car Accident Claim Action Plan

Every day victims who have sustained personal injuries in car crashes and are considering making accident claims due to suffering as a direct result of the negligent driving of someone else call upon attorneys. Accidents caused by negligent driving on today’s roads come in varying types so we’re going to look at how to formulate an action plan for the different circumstances for car accident claims. Fortunately, the majority of traffic accidents which happened these days involve insured drivers which means that it’s easier to make a claim for damages which happen in the crash.

As this type of accident represents the mainstay of the different types of accident, let’s look at these first. Below is a check-list of the points which always must be done as part of your any car accident claim action plan. Some points are on-the-scene steps to take and knowing these in advance will help in the future should you be in a car accident.

  1. Check if anyone at scene of the accident is injured and needs medical assistance
  2. If medical assistance is needed, call an ambulance as soon as possible
  3. If you know any first aid, use it now but only after the professionals are on the way
  4. Exchange insurance policy information with all drivers involved
  5. Take a note of the license plate numbers of all cars involved
  6. Take names and numbers of any eyewitnesses at the scene
  7. Use your cell phone or other portable device to take lots of photos of the accident scene
  8. Report the crash to your motor insurer
  9. Make sure you keep all medical reports for personal injuries
  10. Store all evidence safely using methods such as emailing it to yourself to make sure it won’t get lost.


Claiming for Hit-and-run Car Accidents

Sometimes, making a claim for accident compensation is made more difficult by the fact that the offending driver has departed the scene of the crash. So-called ‘hit-and-run’ incidents are difficult ones to claim for as you need an offending third party to take to court. Remember that hit-and-run are illegal so, at the scene of a car accident, the police must always be alerted as soon as possible prior to phoning insurance company to notify them.

It’s good to be particularly diligent with the amount of evidence that you gain to try and help the situation. Go out of your way to grab all information you can from people who have witnessed the scene of the accident and if you don’t have a camera, ask to borrow someone else’s at the scene. My Compensation helped one case where a claimant did this and ended up getting compensated for the car crash instead of losing everything. Try your best to remember the license plate number of the vehicle before it gets away.


Claiming for Accidents When Uninsured Vehicles are Involved

Depending on the country you live in, there may be something that can be done about claiming accident compensation for vehicles that were involved but uninsured. In the United Kingdom, we have the Motor Insurers Bureau, an organization which is set up in order to fund people who are claiming for car accidents were an uninsured driver was involved. The organization was established in 1946 and, according to the Road Traffic Act (1998), all motor insurers must be a member of the organization. Every year, the Motor Insurance Bureau funds millions of pounds in compensation claims for vehicle accidents where everything may otherwise have been lost.

Can Someone Else Deal With the Claims Process for Me?

In the UK, it’s perfectly legal for a friend or relative to deal with the process of making sure you’re compensated for a car crash. This is possible as long as the victim of the car accident gives full written or verbal permission to the solicitor who’s dealing with the case. When submitted a car accident claim to companies such as My Compensation, anyone can do the first initial consultation. After the filtering process has been made and the legal professional is selected for you, the confirmation will be required to move things forward. This means that anyone can take advantage of a free consultation to get the process of claiming compensation for your car accident started.


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