How is Negligence Proven by an Accident Attorney?

When a sufficient amount of care is not provided to avoid injury or loss to another person, it is considered as negligence. In order for victims to recover maximum compensation for their injuries it is essential to prove negligence in a case that involves personal injury, however it is often very difficult. If there isn’t video documentation or witnesses of the injury, it becomes even harder still. This is precisely why it is so important to hire an experienced accident attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC.

They will make certain that all available resources are used to prove the accident was caused by the negligence of the defendant and resulted in injury. A good lawyer will make use of factors such as those listed below when proving negligence.

  • Evidence obtained from photography or video
  • Expert testimony
  • Public and private records
  • Testimony from eye witnesses
  • Graphic illustration and animation

Evidence Obtained from Photography or Video

Not only can this type of evidence provide helpful information in regards to the person that was negligent, but it can also help to prove a degree of negligence.

Expert Testimony

When a person has greater knowledge on a specific subject or field, or they can provide a significant amount of knowledge to the case, accident attorneys may choose to use a person’s testimonials. Expert opinions such as this can help a great deal for determining who is at fault for an accident and the exact cause of the accident.

Public and Private Records

In certain types of cases, records can help to provide the absolute proof of negligence. Information in regards to an on duty manager, such as what can be found on his timesheets and if the individual can serve as a witness to the accident can easily be understood by an expert attorney. When employers are interviewed it can provide helpful information pertaining to the cause of the accident or death of an employee. Other records that can be of great help when proving negligence includes transaction receipts, medical records, employment records, invoices, etc.

Testimony from Eye Witnesses

When an accident has occurred, some people may hesitate to speak up as a witness. Witnesses can often give clear information about the events leading to an accident that resulted in injury. When there are no witnesses, an experienced accident attorney will interview any and all persons that were in close proximity to where the accident occurred. This is also a helpful way for the attorney to obtain vital information pertaining to the wrongdoer’s negligence.

Graphical Animation and Illustration

Animations and illustrations that are created on the computer can be very useful for developing visual demonstrations of the evidence that resulted in an accident and proving negligence. While evidence of this type may not completely prove negligence, it can be helpful for providing jurors and the courts with an idea of what might have happened. Using these evidences, judges are often able to reach a final conclusion.

Proximate Cause

Proximate cause is when an injury occurs as a direct consequence of a specific action that would not have otherwise happened. Cases like this are very tough to prove. However, when you hire a highly skilled accident attorney that makes it a point to take advantage of all available resources, they can prove without a doubt that injury occurred from a negligent act.

An accident lawyer must have the ability to prove an accident caused the injuries that were sustained. This is an expert accident attorney is so important for obtaining compensation for victims that is appropriate. Contact Ehline Law Los Angeles County Accident Lawyers, to learn more.

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