The Hidden Dangers for Cruise Ship Employees

This is clearly not the case when there is an employee that has suffered a rape and physical injury by another or other employees. This is not just a scenario, which might be possible it is has happened and a lawsuit has been filed. The worst, as most good cruise ship lawyers know, part is not only does the cruise line promote how safe it is for passengers and employees they also make it a point to promote how enjoyable it is working aboard their ships. This might sound wonderful to the person that wants to work on a luxury liner, but where is the cruise line when a rape occurs.

In this type of legal claim the cruise line stands where it often does and that is not behind the injured victim, instead the alleged allegations will require filling a lawsuit that will entail going through the emotional experience again. Leaving them feeling as though the company that said, employment with them would be fun, exciting and a safe place did nothing but lie and had little concern that one of their employees was viciously attacked.

The only one that this rape victim can depend on to hold the cruise line accountable for the traumatic event they went through is an experienced cruise ship rape attorney. This is not just any attorney; this is one that has experience in protecting the rights of cruise ship employees and rape victims. The laws are different for this type of sexual assault that occurs out on the open waters and includes laws that do not always apply on land, like the Jones Act or maritime laws.

The cruise ship has a responsibility under the law to protect not only the passengers from harm, but also to provide safe working conditions for employees. When they do not and a sexual assault or rape occurs they can be held legally accountable and should be held responsible for the physical and emotional trauma the victim, their employee suffered. Ehline Law Firm PC is a highly experienced car accident lawyer who is a nationally recognized maritime lawyer voted cruise ship attorney of the year by Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

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