Cruise Ship Employees are Not Safe from Sexual Assaults

Cruise ship employees are not safe from sexual assaults, even though the cruise lines tell them when applying for employment how wonderful and exciting working on a cruise ship will be. This is a farce, because when a sexual assault does occur and another or other employees were responsible for the attack the nightmare begins.

The first part of the nightmare is that the harmed party is trapped on the cruise ship, when it is out on the open water with the attacker roaming freely aboard. Then there is the fact that proper medical care for a sexual assault victim is usually not provided. The next part of the traumatic events that ensue, is the fact that the ship is not normally going to stand behind the sexually assaulted employee.

They can be treated with indifference, and even hostility by the cruise line, that has no actual intention of taking any responsibility for the attack that occurred on their ship. The physical wounds might heal, but the emotional wounds are still there and the cruise line that had said what a great experience this employment would be on a luxury ship is now basically the enemy.

The sexual assault victim is not going to be able to hold them accountable without the assistance of an experienced attorney. A regular car accident lawyer probably won’t know as much as a maritime lawyer who does this as part of their daily practices. It will mean filing a lawsuit against the cruise line and it means complex litigation, since the sexual assault occurred on the open water and not in Los Angeles, Riverside or San Francisco.

Only counsel with experience knows that an employee of a cruise line being attacked is not as uncommon as the victim might believe, and it does not matter which cruise line it is. The outcome is the same, the cruise line does not stand behind the sexually assaulted victim. They ignore what has happened aboard one of their ships, hoping it will just disappear.

This is the last thing that the victim should allow to happen and with the experienced helpers protecting their rights, it will not happen. The cruise line, no matter which one it is, will be held accountable legally. They have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and passengers from harm, and this includes sexual assaults.

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