Los Angeles Burn Injury Lawyers Discuss Preventing Burn Injuries in Children

Author: By Michael Ehline
Published by a law firm of experienced Los Angeles burn injury attorneys who sue in all types of personal injury matter including as expert motorcycle accident lawyers, cases are waiting for your call or e-mail. There are many ways burn injuries can occur in Los Angeles and other California cities and counties. In this article, Ehline Law Firm PC discusses preventing burn injuries in children. To begin with, burns caused by fire, friction and electrical sparks not only char the skin, they also damage the dermis and epidermis and if an electrical related incident, can even cause nerve and brain damage. This problem is compounded when a small child is afflicted, due to their undeveloped nervous system and small bodies. 

The Steps To Take in Avoiding Burns In Children

  • You should make sure either you or your landlord has provided smoke detectors in all rooms and floors of your dwelling, especially where you and your child sleeps. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions and test these smoke detector gadgets at least one time every month. You will also need to put new batteries in the smoke detector gadgets at least once per year, assuming they are not electrically powered. Most manufacturers suggest the smoke alarms be replaced at least every 10 years or so. There are also ten-year lithium batteries and smoke alarms that are set up to use them if you want to go more maintenance free.
  • Never ever leave your child by him or herself under any circumstances. This holds especially true when it comes to a kitchen with an oven, or a bathroom with hot water that could scald an infant or small child. This means even if your infant or baby is in the tub and you need to leave to answer the phone or what not you should take the child along with you till you can return to supervise.
  • ┬áIt goes without saying that flammable liquids like lighter fluid, lighters, matches, gas both natural and liquid, and other flammable material needs to be kept in a secure area and high enough so a child cannot reach it. Pyrotechnics like fireworks should always be kept out of reach of children in all events.
  • Anyone with kids can prevent a burn deglove injury or serious scald by simply setting their water heater thermostats to one hundred and twenty (120) degrees Fahrenheit or less. There are also faucet and shower head gadgets that are equipped with anti-scald features.
  • Always always keep hot liquids and hot food up and away from the edge of a table or counter and under no circumstances should carry a child when you are also carrying hot items.
  • If you plan on cooking, use the burners on the stove located at the rear and make sure to turn the pot handles inwards so a child cannot grab them. Cover electrical outlets with safety gadgets and use cord cover gadgets to cover electrical cords so a child cannot bite into it and receive a shock and burn to his or her mouth. Obviously, if a cord is plugged into a hot device gadget like a George Foreman Grill for example, you need to prevent a child from grabbing it and pulling the hot device into his or her little body.

Getting Legal Assistance


We hope you have enjoyed this article wherein injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC discus preventing burn injuries in children. If you or someone you know has suffered a severe malaise from heat or fire, not the fault of your own, you should immediately contact experienced counsel to see if you have a negligence claim to help you pay for the costs of surgery, medical care, pain and suffering, plastic surgery, skin grafts, and lifetime pain medication. Since cases such as this can result in a wrongful death, you need to be prepared for the wore until the burn injury is stabilized.


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